In November of 2009 my wife and I visited Moscow Russia to receive a special therapy. Months back I contacted a friend and student of mine from karate that lives in Canada. My good friend named Slava, knew of my interest to obtain a German Shepherd dog. Then he talked to me about the history of the East European Shepherd dogs of Russia and East Europe, developed by Russia in the beginning of last century. He explained to me that in East Europe these magnificent shepherds are used for the Armed Forces. They train them to detect explosives, drugs, etc. He also told me that they are also magnified company dogs, as well as extremely loyal guardian dogs to its owners.

When my decision was taken to own one dog of this breed, we dedicated ourselves to the task of looking around for the best exponents of all Russia. With the aid of my great friends Slava and Natalia (the vice-president of the international famous Monchere Versai Kennel of Russia for this breed).We managed to locate a puppy of magnificent qualities: the son of the youthful champion of Moscow named Warren. Now Warren has won the title of adult champion of Moscow and of all Russia and East Europe. He is considered one of the best exponents of this breed. My wife had not had dogs and she confessed to me that she felt fear by this breed of dog that are big. I needed much patience and love to convince her of the idea to bring King (our first puppy) home, who would be her first dog. Now she is, completely in love with our dogs and she goes out at night at any hour in our farm with no fear, due to the protection that our dogs offer to her. Hana (our second female puppy) chose my wife as her owner and King chose me. This is a natural selection. They demonstrate it with their behavior. They settle down a rank of hierarchy to their owners. They do it when they are in the pack. Also they establish their own hierarchy within the canine group. In this case King has settled down as the head of the group and Hana and Jade (our third puppy) do not begin to eat until he does. It is extremely interesting to understand the meaning of the different barks from them. As time goes by, all owners of these shepherds, become familiar with these sounds and will be able to identify the alerts of danger and the ones that corresponds to the different moods from these shepherds.

In Miami, we made the necessary adjustments, so that after I finished my month of therapy in Moscow we could return to the Unites States with the puppy son of Warren; to which we baptized with the name of King (this was the name of my very beloved German Shepherd 40 years back).

            King is, probably, the best quality East European Shepherd in the United States. Months later we imported Hana (flower in Japanese language) and Jade (precious stone) from Russia, two females of the same breed and also of excellent qualities.

After having King, Hana and Jade for almost two years living with us, I am convinced that I made the right decision when choosing this breed for my present guardian dogs. The three are extremely affectionate and faithful. They are always alert to the minor of the noises responding with an amazing agility. In addition the single physical presence to these dogs is sufficient to discourage to any thief or malefactor who comes near to the house. Although at first these dogs are very similar to German shepherd, their look and size differentiates them from such. If you decide to have a dog of this breed you must be conscious that where ever you go with them they are going to call the attention of ever body. Whenever I leave with mine to the park or other public places, many people stop to admire and to ask me about them. Also when I take my dogs for a walk on the sidewalk the cars that are around stop to comment out of admiration. I invite you to see the photos that are in this Web page. Thank you very much for your time.
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