Kirei is doing very well and has adjusted nicely.
She and I go for a long walk/run in the a.m., then she stays in my office with me all day (except for many breaks to walk) and accompanies me in my Jeep to the bank and elsewhere.
She is so gentile with everyone, including the children from the neighborhood she has encountered on our walks, and the clients who come to the office.
She has been to the local dog park and other parks (and goes to one or the other every night) and has already met a couple of canine friends.
The other tenant in my office loves her and she is very fond of her as well.
As far as the process of obtaining her from you and your father, it was a very great experience.  Your father’s description of her was very accurate, and she is a very well tempered girl.  The transaction was flawless from speaking with each you, to payment and processing the flight for her delivery, to everything.  Shipping was great and she did not use the bathroom in her crate and looked like she had very little anxiety, if any at all.  
You and your father are great and one only needs to be around Kirei for a few minutes to know you were raising her in a great environment with other greatly trained canines.
She loves to be loved and will show you the same love in return.  Last night she was so quiet and peaceful as I bathed her with hand wipes from head to toe, turning and moving so I could get every nook between her toes and in her ears.  She is a joy.  She has adjusted to a harness and leash with only a few fits when wanting to go her own way, lol; although, she loves to be let loose in a fenced in area or out at my friends’ country residences so she can show her speed and agility.  She jumped so high the other day trying to catch a butterfly I was surprised at her leaping ability.  
I look forward to her continuing to grow and learn.  She sleeps on her own bed at the foot of my bed and sometimes, usually in the a.m. after the alarm goes off, jumps up to cuddle with me before we get up for our morning jaunt.  She gets in and out of my jeep with ease, learned to climb stairs in only one try, and is getting very comfortable with her surroundings.  She also learned to use the doggy door to my deck in a very short time.  
I will keep you updated on her progression through her life and will send photos from time to time if you don’t mind.
Thank you again for the great transaction and the great Kirei!
Very truly yours,
James D. LaPiana, Esq.
Attorney & Counselor at Law
18 Chapel Street
Mount Morris, NY 14510


Hi Felix, our boy is growing so fast and he's so loved in our family. Three days ago he weighed 27.5 lbs and height 16". He's a fast learner too, we train him in Russian :)


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