A puppy in the house 


 Canaries for a penny, or how much should cost a puppy?  (Natalia Voldiner) 

 Memo for owners of puppies (Bagotsky MS) 
 Certain features of nature puppy (Gail Fisher and Wendy Volhard) 
 Rule of Sevens (Alex Vyatkin Viola) 
 A few simple rules you need to know and remember starting the training a puppy (J. Fischer) 
 At what age can train a puppy?  (Sophia Baskin) 
 Educational measures in the first week (Sophia Baskin) 
 Rule one walks (According to the magazine, "My favorite animal") 
 Your first puppy (Elena Orochko) 
 Education and rearing (AP Mazover 'breeding business in service dog' - Moscow: DOSAAF, 1954) 


 Education and training 

 - Dogs and adults (except "I just came to get him food, and he bit me!") 

 - The origin of the dogs (Part 1, Chapter 1) 
 - How is the mental activity of the dog (Part 1, Chapter 2) 
 - Dog in a Human pack (part 1, chapter 3) 
 - How dogs learn (Part 1, Chapter 4) 
 - Methods of positive reinforcement (part 1, chapter 5) 
 - Methods of negative reinforcement (part 1, chapter 6) 

A positive approach to behavior problems 


 - Problems owners associated with in training (part 2, chapter 1) 
 - Problems related to stress (part 2, chapter 2) 
 - The consequences of improper training (Part 2, Chapter 6) 
 - Problems within the "flock" (Part 2, Chapter 7) 
 - Problems of aggression (part 2, chapter 8) 
 - The problem of fear (anxiety) (Part 2, Chapter 9) 
- What games to play with your dog (part 2, chapter 10) 

- "Socialization" of the book "Dog Behavior" (EN sliver) 
The basic rules and principles of training (Yu Karapet'yants) 
-"Eye contact" for five seconds (Augusta Farley and Jones Azim) 
-To treat the dog ate on training (Sofia Baskin) 
- Education laying of movement (Ed Frauli) 
Protection without coercion ("Training and Sports" №3 2001). 
- Aportirovka (Carl Kyurer) 
- To beat or not to beat ... (Nelly Ascension) 
How to handle a dominant dog (Ed Frauli) 
30-minute exposure "(Sophia Baskin) 
Why is the dog "makes a puddle" at home?  (Sophia Baskin) 
"Complex": a step forward (Sophia Baskin) 
Punishing a dog (Vladimir Gritsenko) 
- 10 tips to deal with problem behavior (Barbara Bolshakov) 
The social instinct, or how to begin training (Alex Vyatkin) 
The command "To me!"  (Article from the site of kennel "Team Passion") 
The first lessons of obedience (the article from the website of kennel "Team Passion") 
Game aportirovke teaching method (Article from the site of kennel "Team Passion") 
Contact with a dog or why she was interested in everything, but me?  (Sophia Baskin) 
Facets of the ban (on the "FU") (Sofia Baskin) 


 Dog Health 


First aid kit for dogs (Alina Korchevaya) 

- A bit unusual for teeth 
When a dog comes old age (Dr. Dobrodeya) 
5 ways to protect your pet from the heat 
Vaccination of dogs.  Magazine "World Greyhounds" (veterinarian Feyzulova Rumiya) 
-ABOUT IT, or as silent turd (E. Tipikina) 
Compliance with the age of the dog Age man 
About dysplasia of the hip (Sergey Kuret) 
- Diagnosis and treatment of hip dysplasia (TBS) in dogs (Yagnikov SA) 
- Treatment of hip dysplasia (Efimov AN) 
Hip dysplasia in dogs: the importance of popular (VB Davydov) 
The most common substances that cause poisoning in dogs, and first aid (based on the book by A. Baranov, "your dog's health") 
Dog Diseases associated with obesity (portal Zooklub) 
Your dog bitten by a tick.  What to do?  Piroplasmosis.  (Veterinary Center "ZOOVET") 




Determination of the optimal term mating dogs (Julia Ternovskiy) 
Puppies - orphans (Yelena Guseva breeder of boxers) 
Tribal male (excerpt from Hillery Harmar "Dogs and their breeding") 
Brood bitch (excerpt from Hillery Harmar "Dogs and their breeding") 
The birth of the puppies (excerpt from Hillery Harmar "Dogs and their breeding") 
Newborn puppies (excerpt from Hillery Harmar "Dogs and their breeding") 
Growing puppies (excerpt from Hillery Harmar "Dogs and their breeding") 




- Rachel Page Elliott "dog movement"
- Become a dog 
- Measurements of dogs (AP Mazover "breeding business in service dog") 
- Muscled dog (Jerusalem EL "The exterior of the dog and its evaluation") 
- Teeth (EL Jerusalem "Exterior dogs and Measurement") 

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